The Fringe District has a strong focus on community. You get a sense of this in the relaxed and welcoming vibe you feel as you wander through the neighbourhood.

We are well serviced with community centres ranging from the shared space of Gribblehurst Community Hub, to Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Rocky Nook Bowls Club, and The Auckland Irish Society.

There are three churches – all with a strong community focus; Trinity Methodist Church, Edge Kingsland, and Morningside Church of Christ.

Interested in sustainability? There’s a local eco group, Kingsland Eco Neighbours.

And if you are living locally and want to meet our community members, we also run a community book club that explores new eateries, (and books of course!), each month.

If staying fit is your thing, there are three local exercise clubs Habitat for Fitness, Health and Sports and F45 plus two swimming pools – one inside Health and Sports and the other at Trent Bray Swimming School.

At the heart of any vibrant community, you’ll find a school. The Fringe District has several primary, intermediate and secondary schools, with multi-cultural units and immersive classroom environments.

You’ll find some awesome green spaces here too, to enjoy with friends and family, or for some quiet solitude in the middle of the city. These include  Nixon Park, School Reserve, Alsco Pocket Park and Morningside Reserve.

Our local businesses are supported by The Kingsland Business Society Incorporated. You can contact our manager here; or call us +649 217 3561

The Kingsland Business Society is part of the Auckland Council’s BID program, a partnership with Auckland Council, and the Local Albert-Eden Board who work cohesively together to create better communities, local economies, and town centres.

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