There’s a diverse and unique range of quality services, products, creativity and experiences that you can be part of in The Fringe District’s business community.

Creativity seems to naturally gravitate to The Fringe District. Here you’ll find Parachute Music, New Zealand’s largest recording studio here; Mixt a New Zealand-only made product store; the legendary tourist stop, Greenstone Factory; and BodyFX, our own special effects makeup store.

But that’s just part of the story.

There’s our vibrant hospitality industry.

We also have a growing personal services industry from gyms, to massage, tonics and physiotherapists, as well as automotive and professional services, a street artist community, our very own national stadium, Eden Park, and a local radio station, Base FM.

Our community of locally owned and operated businesses are dedicated to being their best selves, with culturally appropriate practice, for a multi-cultural Aotearoa, ensuring that all people in and visiting our community are included, championed, and feel acknowledged.

Our business community is assisted in doing this by The Kingsland Business Society Incorporated who support The Fringe District businesses to connect, grow, innovate & collaborate from the frontline.

You don’t have to own a business to do business here. We offer various shared spaces and meeting rooms, so doing business here is easy.

If you think operating your business from this authentic hub is you, you should talk to us. We would love to have you with us in The Fringe District.

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